Monthly Archives: April 2010

Award winning elevator pitch

Bert Verdonck, a friend of mine recently won an elevator pitch. The idea was to present your business in a interesting way. The interesting thing is that the audience were all professional speakers. The feedback he received was that his pitch was very natural. Lots of reasons to share his pitch with you:

“Most professional speakers are always looking for an audience, right? How fast can you be on stage before your target audience? We all want a shortcut! As the newest PSA Holland member, I did it in less than 3 days to be here in front of you! That is exactly what I do. Shortcuts! With Genius Shortcuts I teach you practical tools and tips to save you 2 hours/day or hack away other frustrations. I am a lifehacker and I help people through keynote speaking, trainings and workshops. So, think about how you would feel if one of your biggest frustrations disappeared forever? Come and see me afterwards and I will share free Genius Shortcuts so you can feel happier!”

The girl who silenced the world


Before watching this movie I was convinced that it was impossible to present standing behind a lectern, let alone reading your notes. This girl made me change that point of vue. A presentation is very much about you getting your message across showing your passion. And this movie (even in poor youtube quality) shows exactly how you can do that standing behind a lectern…