Monthly Archives: June 2010

Use conversational language

This is a presentation tip from presentation coach Olivia Mitchell. Her advice is to use conversational language and as I completely agree with her I will explain what it means.

Language you use daily in conversations is what we’re most used to listening to. We find it much easier to stay focused on somebody who’s talking in a conversational tone. Listening to somebody using a lecture tone is very tiring. Though how can you be conversational in a presentation? 

If you write a script, say what you want to say out loud and then write it down. That way what you write will be conversational in tone. However, it’s better not to write a script at all. Write keywords and phrases which will remind you of what you want to say. 

When you’re delivering your presentation, look at someone and talk as if you were talking just to them. Talk to them for a few seconds (not so long that they’ll be intimidated) and then ‘pingpong’ to someone else. Olivia calls this call this eye connection. Use eye connection rather than eye contact and you’ll be more conversational.