Monthly Archives: October 2010

The power of metaphores

I had the pleasure to see Jef Staes presenting this week! What a speaker… But what strikes me most is this: he sinned against so many ‘presentation rules’ and still managed to leave a lasting impression. He sat down, something I would never recommend. He didn’t have the most exciting start using even hesitant words. But he did one thing that was extremely strong: his whole speech was one long metaphore (comparison he made with sheep in all its forms) and I’m sure everyone in the audience still remembers what his core messages were. So far for presentation techniques…

Watch your language!

Today I heard it yet again: these awful minimizing sentences such as ‘today I am going to talk to you a little bit about’ or ‘I will try to explain to you today’. What do you think about ‘Maybe I will go to the next slide now’… and it goes on and on. It is not only the inconfident speakers who use these sentences, it is like a presentation habit. Beware of language like that! It literally minimizes your presentation. It can help reahearsing aloud and be very conscious of your language.