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How to create a great pitch?

origin_2336190711  I don’t know why but lately I get a lot of questions on how to pitch? My first question then is ‘where do you want to use your pitch?’ An elevator pitch used for an informal networking event to let people know what you exactly do is significantly different from an investor pitch. My tips will focus on a pitch that you need to do ‘on stage’.
1. Focus on the WHY
Far too many presentations focus on ‘what’ and ‘how’ though the audience is far more interested in why because then it is linked to them. An investor needs to know why he should invest. This is not one of your agenda points. Your whole pitch focusses on the answers to this question.

2. Tell stories
You can tell audiences about the super team you have, your great product, facts & figures… but you can only make them care when you gives them examples or share anecdotes that proof what you say.

3. Connect
Your story should focus on them but so should you! A presentation is never a one way communication. Stand close to them and interact. Give them individual attention when you talk. Focus far more on them than on your PowerPoint. Ask questions to them. Make them part of your presentation. Don’t just talk to them, talk WITH them. It is less intimidating and allows you to communicate in a much more effective way.

Enjoy your next presentation!