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Invitation to my home

casa Simply Talking 3casa Simply Talking 2casa SImply Talking 1          I love to help people with their communication/presentation and I love to cook. So now I decided to combine the two. My husband has renovated our barn and it has become kind of a ‘lofty barn’. Great to live in and very well suited to organize a workshop.

As I am very much into short communication these past few months the topic for the workshop will be how to pitch your idea. I welcome you with a great breakfast. You get to know my presentation model that helps to communicate in a crystal clear way to your boss, team, colleagues or customers. The model can even help you to communicate to big audiences.

For lunch I serve a home made lasagne (with meat and without) and for the afternoon break will probably be a mixture of fruit for the health addicts and a chocolate pie for those who love sweets. If you are interested, just send me a mail at The date is still open as I organize this at home and I want to wait for the reactions. I plan to look for a date that suits for all. Hope to see you :-)



Pitch your idea and make it short


Last week I heard once again that when you need to talk to a high level audience you better be prepared to make it short. It is not because they have given you 20 minutes that you will actually have 20 minutes speaking time. It is not because they let you begin your talk you won’t be interrupted…soon. So be prepared! Here’s an idea for you.

Next time you have to talk to a high level audience split your presentation in 2 parts: short talk of no more than 5 minutes and lots of room to fill in the details with a discussion. TELL your audience upfront that you only need 5 minutes to get your main messages across and afterwards you discuss the details together. Build your 5 minute talk around the main conclusions! And don’t end with ‘do you have any questions’. End with a valuable, straight forward question like: ‘On which parts would you like me to provide more details’ or any questions that works following your talk. Move from a monologue to a dialogue and notice how efficient this technique can be!

How to give an awesome presentation

I just found this on youtube and I really like the ideas and the way they get their message across. I completely agree with their main idea that a presentation is all about the story. This is the first thing you need to do when preparing a new presentation. The storyline I like to follow works like the pyramid principle. Never focus on topics as a storyline, focus rather on conclusions, ideally no more than 3 and give a logical reasoning how you got to these conclusions!

Sweaty when you need to present?

Deverell Smith

Not just athletes sweat when they need to perform, so do speakers. For an athlete this is quite normal, and actually it is for a speaker as well, though not that convenient.

Speakers sweat even before the actual ‘performance’ because we feel a threat. And I stress ‘WE’ as this is true for every speaker. I often feel cold, though never ever before I need to speak. This is because of our defense system that is triggered whenever we feel threatened. When speaking this is not a real threat though a kind of threat for our ego.

The defense system triggers the ‘fight or flight’ response which makes us sweaty, we tremble, our heart races and we have a dry mouth. Your body is actually doing a good job, however when sweating heavily…extremely annoying.

Think carefully dear men (and some women) what to wear when you have this problem. NO BLUE SHIRTS! Everyone will see that you sweat. I know you might not like it, feeling warm already, but a suit is really your best choice! If you don’t have this problem, just wear whatever feels nice and appropriate.

Enjoy your next presentation!