A presentation is like a plea…

I was talking to some lawyers yesterday and was interested to learn that a good lawyer knows the first sentences of his plea by heart. this is exactly my advice for your presentation. I don’t learn my presentation by heart but I do know what my first sentences will be. For the rest I relie on the preparation I have done. I know my strcuture and I know the order of my slides. This gives me the confidence that I am on top of it. So please be an excellent lawyer and learn your first sentences.  Before I go on stage I focus very much on the structure of the presentation, the big parts but some 2 minutes before I atually go on stage I focus very much on these first sentences.

2 thoughts on “A presentation is like a plea…

  1. trainingpresentation

    I whole-heartedly agree with your advice …..the first impressions of any audience will be influenced by our fluency and confidence in delivering our opening comments – and as you rightly say, by carefully rehearsing these opening comments we will more likely start strong.
    My twenty years experience as a consultant is that if I can build that positive first impression, and establish some connection with the audience – then a positive momentum takes over and things flow so much easier.


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