Article by Anne Hunt – Be Posture Conscious

About a year ago, something shifted in my consciousness and I became aware of how good I could feel if I concentrated on good posture. I remember the moment, standing in line at the grocery store. I was tired and felt a little run-down. I consciously straightened my spine, rolled my shoulders back, stretched my neck a little, and then relaxed in my new, “chin-up” position. I felt better immediately, and I’d like to ask you to do the same right now, and then return to reading this article.
Feel better? As it turns out, Edgar Cayce would have predicted that you would. And so would Dr. Harold J. Reilly, author of The Edgar Cayce Handbook for Health Through Drugless Therapy. Many people asked Cayce about their posture, and he also brought it up independent of questioning. Imagine if he were giving readings today, in a world that is so much more sedentary in nature than his and Reilly’s time? What would be Cayce’s message about posture, and what would it be to you today?
Cayce’s Three-Point Posture Plan. Researching Cayce’s readings and referencing Harold Reilly’s work, I have concluded that Cayce would make three suggestions to all of us regarding our posture. (1) Be conscious of standing and sitting with good posture. (2) Exercise in the morning and evening. (3) Get spinal adjustments and massages regularly.

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