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Transform slides into word document


I presume your first question would be: ‘Why on earth would I do that?’ I can think of a number of reasons but the most important one is this: it is by far the best way to keep slides ‘ZEN’ during your talk, only showing messages. Though afterwards you ideally send your audience a detailed document, and slides with only messages will not do!


So how do you do this? First of all create your story and then translate that story into ‘ZEN’ slides. The best way to make simple slides is to draw your slides first on a paper or imagine what you would put on a flip chart if the beamer does not work.


When the slides are ready, press ‘file’ in the upper left corner and choose ‘export’. This is for the most recent versions. For older versions of PPT you might have to choose ‘publish’ or ‘save and send’. In either of these options you can click ‘create handouts in Microsoft Word’ (or similar descriptions). Click ‘create handouts’ again and then choose ‘notes below slides’.


Automatically a word document is being created. Slide 1 has become page 1. On that page your slide has become a picture and the rest of the page is empty. This is where you create your text that the audience can read afterwards. Save this as a PDF and send it to your audience.


You might say that you do exactly the same using ‘notes’ in your PowerPoint document. The thing is, I advise you never to send your slides because it is too big when you have lots of pictures and people never read the notes. Plus, you can edit the word document by deleting whatever is not needed or adding a logo on each page which is a good idea.


This works great to create for example a syllabus based on a slideshow for a training or for conference presentations. Enjoy your next presentation!


Free stock photos

color-pencils Often people ask me where to find pictures for their presentation because google images is not your best choice! Often pictures are too small (you need high quality) and it is not always clear whether you can actually use the pictures or not. Be careful with this! I just read this post of Guy Kawasaki where he shared great sites with free stock photos. I loved it and now I share it with you. So here is the link:

Is your company presentation a christmas tree or a story?

large_6604960497 I actually should have written this newsletter one month ago as I love to compare company presentations with christmas trees. What we tend to do is focus on detailed slides, like a brochure. And as we all know by now that visuals work in slides, we decorate the bullets with pictures, even clipart (still), pretty much like a christmas tree. But here’s a question for you: do you show and comment these slides when you present your company or do you have a story to tell??

I advise you to focus on a story and use your slides as backup to use them if needed during the discussion with your prospect. Of course, the first thing you will do is ask questions and get to know what their problem or question is though at one point you will have to tell your story. You should be able to tell that story in 1 minute, have a 5 minute version and sometimes it can be even a longer version.

Here is a guideline you can use for your 1 minute that is actually the basis for every longer presentation you would do:

  • Describe a situation, which often results in a complication
  • Ask the most important question linked to that situation
  • Give an answer, which is your core message

When your answer is a solution, end with the 3 most important reasons why this could be a solution for your prospect.
When your answer is a specific product or service, end your 1 minute with the 3 most important benefits for the customer of that product or service. 3 is a magical number, easy to memorize for you and memorable for your audience.

Don’t just focus on a agenda saying where you come from, how big your are, what your mission is. Focus on them, give them benefits, tell your story and prepare it well!



How to give an awesome presentation

I just found this on youtube and I really like the ideas and the way they get their message across. I completely agree with their main idea that a presentation is all about the story. This is the first thing you need to do when preparing a new presentation. The storyline I like to follow works like the pyramid principle. Never focus on topics as a storyline, focus rather on conclusions, ideally no more than 3 and give a logical reasoning how you got to these conclusions!

Do you really need PowerPoint?

I just witnessed an interesting converstation while waiting at a reception desk. 2 ladies just met their contact, and the latter proposes to have a coffee first and sit in a relaxed area. She even proposes to have the meeting there and asks ‘or do you really need to show a PowerPoint??…’ The other 2 ladies answer yes, they have prepared a PPT and their faces show apologies… Wouldn’t it be easier to have dialogues and conversations instead of monologues with PowerPoint?…

How to create a great pitch?

origin_2336190711  I don’t know why but lately I get a lot of questions on how to pitch? My first question then is ‘where do you want to use your pitch?’ An elevator pitch used for an informal networking event to let people know what you exactly do is significantly different from an investor pitch. My tips will focus on a pitch that you need to do ‘on stage’.
1. Focus on the WHY
Far too many presentations focus on ‘what’ and ‘how’ though the audience is far more interested in why because then it is linked to them. An investor needs to know why he should invest. This is not one of your agenda points. Your whole pitch focusses on the answers to this question.

2. Tell stories
You can tell audiences about the super team you have, your great product, facts & figures… but you can only make them care when you gives them examples or share anecdotes that proof what you say.

3. Connect
Your story should focus on them but so should you! A presentation is never a one way communication. Stand close to them and interact. Give them individual attention when you talk. Focus far more on them than on your PowerPoint. Ask questions to them. Make them part of your presentation. Don’t just talk to them, talk WITH them. It is less intimidating and allows you to communicate in a much more effective way.

Enjoy your next presentation!

e-Book on how to communicate with impact!

Presentation Tips from Presentation Coach Sylvie Verleye….After blogging and writing for 5 years on the topic of communicating with impact and presentations I decided last summer to share all my tips in an e-book. I had shared this free e-book after the summer break to everyone who had subscribed to my newsletter. As the feedback was so positive I have decided now to share it with everyone as a kind of New Year’s gift. Enjoy reading Presentation Tips from Presentation Coach Sylvie Verleye.

10 januari PowerPointloze dag!

Gezien januari de maand van de goede voornemens is, roep ik bij deze 10 januari uit tot PowerPointloze dag. De vraag is alleen, hoe kom je die dag door? Ik geef graag 3 tips:image


Stel je voor dat je een nieuwjaarspeech wil doen. Heb je echt die slides nodig om dat te doen? Zou het niet beter zijn om dicht bij het publiek te staan, geen zorgen om in het licht van de beamer te staan, geen nood om aan de kant naast het scherm te staan…gewoon dicht voor jouw publiek. Connecteer met hen, vertel vanuit concrete situaties die jou helpen jouw punt te maken. En als belangrijkste tip, hou het vooral kort!



Stel je voor dat je een vergadering hebt. Dat je een slide gebruikt om de agenda voor de vergadering duidelijk te maken, dat vind ik nog logisch. Dat je voor elke presentatie tijdens de vergadering slides nodig hebt daar wil ik graag even vragen bij stellen. Doorgaans zijn deze slides een discussiedocument, een handout document, dat vaak zelfs voor de vergadering verstuurd wordt. Tot zover, geen probleem. Mijn tip is om deze discussieslides ook enkel tijdens de discussie te gebruiken. Maar je kan pas een discussie voeren wanneer je eerst jouw punt duidelijk verwoordt. Mijn tip: projecteer de discussieslides, druk F5 om in de slideshow te zitten, en druk dan op Z voor zwart of B voor Black. Het scherm wordt zwart en nu kan je KORT vertellen wat je te vertellen hebt. Druk terug op Z of B om naar de slides te gaan tijdens de discussie.



Stel je voor dat je een presentatie van een half uur of langer doet voor een groter publiek….dan heb je echt een excuus om wel slides te gebruiken. ALLEEN, stel je bij de voorbereiding van de slides even voor dat er geen beamer beschikbaar is maar enkel een flipchart. Stel je voor wat je tijdens jouw verhaal zou tekenen of schrijven op die flipchart. Het resultaat is altijd meer eenvoud. Beschouw jouw slides als een ‘propere flipchart’. Teken dus jouw slides gebaseerd op een verhaal voor je PowerPoint opent!

Ik wens jullie schitterende presentaties in 2014!

Expert Academy 2011

Evenement van Expert Academy waar ik één van de sprekers was…