Clarity !

Last friday I went to an interesting event for speakers. I listened to 3 presentations, all of them experienced speakers. On my way home I thought of these presentations and I specifically thought of what I remembered from them. Because ultimately this is the effect you want with a presentation, that the audience remembers your main message. And it struck me that it was not that easy for me to remember what they had said although I clearly remembered more of the third presentation. How come ? All three of them spoke with enthusiasm, they all had a great eyecontact, they all used examples and anecdotes, they all came close to the audience. Two of them had used a PowerPoint and the slides that they had shown were just excellent. But only one of the speakers had clarity and used a real structure in the presentation and in the end…it made all the difference to me !

2 thoughts on “Clarity !

  1. Thomas

    I am curious what made you remember what. I our training I always noticed the importance of god visuals. The who;e idea of storyboarding is to provide clarity.
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    1. sylvieverleye

      Hi Thomas, I absolutely agree with you that good visuals help you remember the message. And the speech I remember best was a speech were visuals were used indeed. It was all about how you should ‘sell’ yourself as a speaker. However, the first speaker had used visuals as well, even movies and it was great, but not that memorable as to what the key messages were. The main difference was for me in the end : clarity. Does this make it more clear to you ?


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