Examples in presentations are extremely powerful

I recently attended a debate on gender and leadership. Before the debate there were 3 presentations  on that same topic. One of the speakers explained about the 4 different types of leadership. She could have explained it merely in a ‘theoretical’ way explaining what each style meant, what most speakers would do.  But on top of that she gave an example of every style. The typical ‘male leader’ was Margareth Thatcher, the typical ‘female leader’ was a very well known Belgian politician who easily shows his emotion and I think everyone has seen him in tears at least once…And when she mentioned that name, the audience laughed. There was laughter because there was recognition, everyone understood.  And this is in fact the message I want to get across. Use examples or comparisons in your presentation because only then your audience can laugh. In a presentation you normally give new, unknown information (otherwise there is no need to present). However new information is often abstract information. it is difficult to understand and that is why it is so interesting to make your information comprehensible by linking it to something known for the audience. Make you abstract information concrete. And in doing that, humour often arises automatically !

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