Eye contact

Last wednesday I gave a training to a company and one of the participants struggeld with his eye contact. In his first excercise he looked at only 1 or 2 people in the audience and the rest was ‘neglected’. In his second exercise I asked him to lean against a table so he did not have to worry about how he ‘stood’ in front of the audience. And I asked him to focus on eye contact and to look at everyone even without speaking. Again this was very difficult for him and he kept on focussing on some people. He mainly looked at me, probably because I was the one filming him…In the next exercise we did not focus on eyecontact anymore. It was all about how to introduce your topic in an interesting way and this time he chose to walk around. He came very close to the audience, he moved from one side to another…and automatically his eyecontact followed and he actually looked at everyone in a very natural way. So in fact, the closer you come to the audience, the easier it is to have REAL contact with the audience and the easier it will be to grab their attention.

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