Follow the example of Garr Reynolds…


I was so thrilled to see that a youtube movie of Garr Reynolds was available. A couple of years ago I discovered his presentation blog ‘presentation zen’ and I loved it as so many people do. I think what he writes about the topic, especially about the use of slides, is great stuff. Now I was curious to see him present…I must admit I was somewhat dissapointed about his start because he put himself down as a presenter saying it was nearly lunchtime. And on top of that he announced that his presentation was going to be 45 minutes which is way too long for me. The maximum for a presentation for me is 30 minutes. What he masters tremendously well though is how to interact with the audience. He does it constantly and it is a great way to keep on attracting the attention of the audience. In my opinion he uses a lot of slides, too much, however the slides that he shows are simply great and I stress the word ‘simply’ !

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