Invitation to my home

casa Simply Talking 3casa Simply Talking 2casa SImply Talking 1          I love to help people with their communication/presentation and I love to cook. So now I decided to combine the two. My husband has renovated our barn and it has become kind of a ‘lofty barn’. Great to live in and very well suited to organize a workshop.

As I am very much into short communication these past few months the topic for the workshop will be how to pitch your idea. I welcome you with a great breakfast. You get to know my presentation model that helps to communicate in a crystal clear way to your boss, team, colleagues or customers. The model can even help you to communicate to big audiences.

For lunch I serve a home made lasagne (with meat and without) and for the afternoon break will probably be a mixture of fruit for the health addicts and a chocolate pie for those who love sweets. If you are interested, just send me a mail at The date is still open as I organize this at home and I want to wait for the reactions. I plan to look for a date that suits for all. Hope to see you :-)



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