Notes – the solution for ‘bad’ PowerPoint Presentations

 foto-notes.jpg  The slides I see over and over again are what I call ‘compromise’ slides. Presenters do know by now that you can’t put too much on a slide. But on the other hand they give these slides afterwards as a handout so they tend to put more, and more and more on the slide… Look at it from a different angle. Make a difference between the slides that you show during the presentation, which are simple. And the handout document that you give after the presentation, which is detailed. When you make the ‘simple’ slide, just look at the bottom of the slide where it says ‘notes’. This is where you put all the details, full sentences and stuff you tend to put in the slide now. When you go to ‘print’, you have the possibility to print the notes and this is actually the document you will print out and use as a handout. So look at the notes as a kind of word document. The information you put on these notes is ideally all the information you have given the audience during the presentation while they see the simple slide. You can actually make the notes as detailed or to the point as you want. Just bullit points as a kind of summary of what you told or actually text in paragraphs.  On the photograph you can see what the ‘notes’ look like when they are printed. The top of the document is the slide you have shown during the presentation. The bottom is all your explanation in bullits or full sentences.

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