Sweaty when you need to present?

Deverell Smith

Not just athletes sweat when they need to perform, so do speakers. For an athlete this is quite normal, and actually it is for a speaker as well, though not that convenient.

Speakers sweat even before the actual ‘performance’ because we feel a threat. And I stress ‘WE’ as this is true for every speaker. I often feel cold, though never ever before I need to speak. This is because of our defense system that is triggered whenever we feel threatened. When speaking this is not a real threat though a kind of threat for our ego.

The defense system triggers the ‘fight or flight’ response which makes us sweaty, we tremble, our heart races and we have a dry mouth. Your body is actually doing a good job, however when sweating heavily…extremely annoying.

Think carefully dear men (and some women) what to wear when you have this problem. NO BLUE SHIRTS! Everyone will see that you sweat. I know you might not like it, feeling warm already, but a suit is really your best choice! If you don’t have this problem, just wear whatever feels nice and appropriate.

Enjoy your next presentation!

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