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How to give an awesome presentation

I just found this on youtube and I really like the ideas and the way they get their message across. I completely agree with their main idea that a presentation is all about the story. This is the first thing you need to do when preparing a new presentation. The storyline I like to follow works like the pyramid principle. Never focus on topics as a storyline, focus rather on conclusions, ideally no more than 3 and give a logical reasoning how you got to these conclusions!

20th birtday PowerPoint no reason to party !

August 24th 2007 I read an article in the Conference Special of Management Team. And I quote : ‘Twenty years of PowerPoint is no reason to party. Even Robert Gaskins, the creator of the program, had an ambivalent feeling on that birthday. Lots of business people have stopped writing reports. They merely write presentations which are no more than summories without the context…’ .These were Gaskins’ words in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.  And who would want to contradict the man who invented the program ?

How NOT to use PowerPoint

The title of the you tube movie below is ‘how NOT to use PowerPoint’ and actually needs no further explanation…My challenging objective for the coming years is to dramatically change the ‘PowerPoint culture’ in companies. Why ? Just check the movie…