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Presentatie stress en hormonale reacties…

In de 16 jaar dat ik werk als presentatie coach is de meest gestelde vraag zonder twijfel hoe je af geraakt van de stress. Wat velen niet weten is dat heel ervaren sprekers ook stress ervaren, het lijkt alleen alsof ze heel zelfzeker op dat podium staan omdat ze precies weten hoe ze moeten omgaan met die stress. Stress voor een presentatie zal je altijd hebben (meer of minder afhankelijk van topic, publiek en voorbereiding) want het is een natuurlijke hormonale reactie. Wat kan helpen is ‘bewust’ een houding aan te nemen voor het publiek. Ga dicht bij het publiek staan, beweeg vanuit jouw schouders en kies een rusthouding zoals personen die het weerbericht presenteren op televisie. Link naar dit filmpje legt haarfijn uit wat er in jouw lichaam gebeurt… http://blog.ted.com/required-watching-for-any-ted-speaker-…/


Stop speaking before your audience stops listening…

I know so many people who think that the longer you speak and the more content you provide, the more valuable it is. But what about your audience? They have most often a very passive role, just listening, and that is far more difficult than speaking.

Just last week I was following a presentation and I am convinced that everyone was there, as I was, because they were very interested in the topic. Normally this presentation was a session of 1,5 hours (this is for Peter Hinssen for example his favorite time frame for speaking). But as people were coming from all around Belgium and the presentation was organized in Genk, they had asked the speaker to make this a longer session (about 2,5 hours). Far too long and extremely difficult for the audience!

So let me ask you this? Do you organize welcome days for new people? Do they have to listen to presentations of the different division? This is all organized with the best intentions but let me give you this advise. Share short stories with them so they can get to know the company values and send facts & figures or whatever they need. Let them network with each other and mingle with people from the company. Make it fun and it will be so much more valuable… Enjoy your next presentation!

Toastmasters can be life changing…


I have always been a huge fan of Toastmasters. For those who don’t know it, you could compare it with a club or group of people who gather twice a month with one goal: become better at public speaking. There are clubs all over the world as there are clubs all over Belgium. You can just go to the website and check the club near to you and check it out if this is something for you.

Toastmasters organises championships as well between clubs and I have included the winner of 2014. You might watch this presentation for several reasons:
-to understand how Toastmasters can be life changing
-the power of silence to begin a speech
-the power of storytelling
-the power of interaction with the audience
-the power of using a clear thread and here it is ‘I see something in you…’ which glues your speech together                                                                                                                                  -the power of ‘making the circle round’ by ending the presentation the way you began and using the word YOU to link to your audience                                                                                                -and just to hear a great message

I know this is not like your business presentations however you can learn from this. Please enjoy Toastmaster winner 2014.  I see something in you…

Enjoy the Christmas holidays and see you in 2016!


Get out of your comfort zone…

I just received a mail from a lady I have coached as she received a standing ovation after her presentation. Now you might say, ok, so what…I have had standing ovations as well but still this was a very special mail for me. This lady till now avoided presentations at all costs. She made it a goal now to get out of her comfort zone and just do it. We had worked on presentations for small audiences but this week she spoke in front of 300 people. She had the courage to be vulnerable on stage and received a standing ovation in return. Respect!

Invitation to my home with lunch


November 26 I organize another half day workshop at my home in Nieuwenhove (close to Ninove). The topic for this workshop will be how to feel confident in front of your audience. Every speaker is nervous though you can be nervous and still project power to your audience. To do that you have to know how to tell your story, you have to get to know your own natural presentation style, and you have to know how PowerPoint can work with or against you. In this workshop the focus will be on POWER through crystal clear content and strong natural style. If you want to know how this can work for your presentations, enroll for this half day workshop for only 300€ per person.

We start at 9:00 (welcome from 8:30 with lovely breakfast), we work the whole morning in an interactive way and end at 12:30 with a warm lunch (soup-dish-dessert). As I love to cook I love to know if there are any intolerances I need to know of or food you really don’t like…You can enroll by sending a mail to sylvieverleye@icloud.com. If all people who enroll speak Dutch, this workshop will be given in Dutch…This workshop is only for 10 people!

Schrijf jouw presentatie met 14-jarigen in gedachten


Toen ik Marcia De Wachter (directeur-schatbewaarder Nationale Bank van België) interviewde vertelde ze mij dat ze elke presentatie schrijft alsof ze zich richt naar 14-jarigen. Het werkt om ervoor te zorgen dat je het verhaal eenvoudig houdt. In hun boek ‘Made to stick’ hebben broers Dan & Chip Heath het over ‘the curse of knowledge’. Wanneer je veel weet over een bepaalde topic dan gaan we er al te vaak van uit dat het publiek ook alles begrijpt. Maak het eenvoudig, gebruik vergelijkingen, geef voorbeelden,…allemaal manieren om het ‘simple’ te maken!

Transform slides into word document


I presume your first question would be: ‘Why on earth would I do that?’ I can think of a number of reasons but the most important one is this: it is by far the best way to keep slides ‘ZEN’ during your talk, only showing messages. Though afterwards you ideally send your audience a detailed document, and slides with only messages will not do!


So how do you do this? First of all create your story and then translate that story into ‘ZEN’ slides. The best way to make simple slides is to draw your slides first on a paper or imagine what you would put on a flip chart if the beamer does not work.


When the slides are ready, press ‘file’ in the upper left corner and choose ‘export’. This is for the most recent versions. For older versions of PPT you might have to choose ‘publish’ or ‘save and send’. In either of these options you can click ‘create handouts in Microsoft Word’ (or similar descriptions). Click ‘create handouts’ again and then choose ‘notes below slides’.


Automatically a word document is being created. Slide 1 has become page 1. On that page your slide has become a picture and the rest of the page is empty. This is where you create your text that the audience can read afterwards. Save this as a PDF and send it to your audience.


You might say that you do exactly the same using ‘notes’ in your PowerPoint document. The thing is, I advise you never to send your slides because it is too big when you have lots of pictures and people never read the notes. Plus, you can edit the word document by deleting whatever is not needed or adding a logo on each page which is a good idea.


This works great to create for example a syllabus based on a slideshow for a training or for conference presentations. Enjoy your next presentation!


invitation to my home…

casa SImply Talking 1

On May 8th I combine my 2 passions again: cooking and inspiring you for your next presentation. Topic is storytelling in business presentations!

I welcome you at 8:30 with breakfast, we start at 9:00, I share my ideas based on the interviews I did with CEOs and VPs to inspire you how to tell your story (short if high level). Please bring your laptop with a presentation you already did or we can work on a presentation you still need to do. I prefer to make this session as interactive as possible! You learn how to stay in control during your presentation, how to pitch, how to convince an audience, and what the most common mistakes are speakers make so you can prevent them.

We end at 12:30. But you cannot leave without a warm meal (last time it was my home made lasagne) and one of my chocolate desserts… Your investment is 300€ for this workshop. This session is limited to 8 people! You can mail me to enroll or ask more questions on sylvieverleye@icloud.com