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Boost your presentation impact

November 26 I organize another half day workshop at my home in Nieuwenhove (close to Ninove). The topic for this workshop will be how to feel confident in front of your audience. Every speaker is nervous though you can be nervous and still project power to your audience. To do that you have to know how to tell your story, you have to get to know your own natural presentation style, and you have to know how PowerPoint can work with or against you. In this workshop the focus will be on POWER through crystal clear content and strong natural style. If you want to know how this can work for your presentations, enroll for this half day workshop for only 300€ per person.

We start at 9:00 (welcome from 8:30 with lovely breakfast), we work the whole morning in an interactive way and end at 12:30 with a warm lunch (soup-dish-dessert). As I love to cook I love to know if there are any intolerances I need to know of or food you really don’t like…You can enroll by sending a mail to sylvieverleye@icloud.com. If all people who enroll speak Dutch, this workshop will be given in Dutch…This workshop is only for 10 people!