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Make sure you have no time to be stressed…

This morning I heard something great on the radio. Two women were interviewed who were training to be in the next winter olympics in 2010 with the for us fairly unknown discipline bobsleighing. Their current top speed was 130 km per hour. The interviewer asked whether they were ever scared racing at this high speed. And one of the girls answered ‘just before the race I am scared but once I’m in that sleigh I just don’t have the time to be afraid, i have to focus’. Take this advise and use it for your presentations as well. The only reason why you are nervous is because you have the time to worry and the time to focus on yourself. There are different ways to change that focus like meditation (which actually needs a lot of practise) but you can just talk to people in the audience just before your presentation as well. In fact anything will work that prevents you from thinking and worrying. Make sure you don’t have time to worry !

Smile and show enthusiasm


This is a great example in many ways. The presenter talks about how she dealt with stagefright and the same time it is a great example of a very nice presentation. Look how she smiles throughout the presentation…She gives examples, great to do in a presentation, in fact her whole presentation is one long story. Attention of the audience assured. She looks at her notes from time to time and that is OK, there are pauzes from time to time and that is OK. She captures the attention with her enthusiasm and that is the strenght of this presentation.