The importance of presentation skills

Today I interviewed Els Demeester, head of Tech Data in Belgium and the only woman in the board of directors at the European level of the company. Why is this of any importance ? Because I am interviewing women in top positions in Belgium to see how important their presentation skills have been in their career as research for my book on this topic. And she had something extremely important to say. The last question I ask these women is what advice they would give to ambitious young women at the beginning of their career. The first thing she answered was : I have followed a training on presentation skills and (smiling she added you’re going to like what I’m going to say…) if I would have known, I would have followed this training much sooner in my career. So my advice to young women is to follow a training on presentation skills as soon as possible…In the beginning of your career the way you talk to an audience is even more important than the content. When you move up the ladder, the content has most importance !

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