Toastmasters can be life changing…


I have always been a huge fan of Toastmasters. For those who don’t know it, you could compare it with a club or group of people who gather twice a month with one goal: become better at public speaking. There are clubs all over the world as there are clubs all over Belgium. You can just go to the website and check the club near to you and check it out if this is something for you.

Toastmasters organises championships as well between clubs and I have included the winner of 2014. You might watch this presentation for several reasons:
-to understand how Toastmasters can be life changing
-the power of silence to begin a speech
-the power of storytelling
-the power of interaction with the audience
-the power of using a clear thread and here it is ‘I see something in you…’ which glues your speech together                                                                                                                                  -the power of ‘making the circle round’ by ending the presentation the way you began and using the word YOU to link to your audience                                                                                                -and just to hear a great message

I know this is not like your business presentations however you can learn from this. Please enjoy Toastmaster winner 2014.  I see something in you…

Enjoy the Christmas holidays and see you in 2016!

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