Stagefright, Body Language, PowerPoint, Prezi and Executive presentations

These are the topics that people are often most interested in and need help with.
They worry that the audience will see or hear them tremble. Speakers who don’t have that much experience often have no clue what to do with their hands. Lots of speakers want to know how to attract and keep the attention. Some are looking for a solution for the overloaded slides. Have you ever presented for a board of directors? Then you know that timing can be an issue. And of course Prezi is appealing though, as with PowerPoint, you can use it in a completely wrong way resulting in chaos.

The help I offer you is based on:

  • 7 year experience as a newsanchor where I learned how to deal with stress
  • Experience as keynote speaker for large audiences where I learned how to ‘connect’ with the audience
  • Self developed presentation model to help you build a presentation that ‘sticks’
  • Partnership with PowerPoint and Prezi designer
  • Interviews with CEOs and boardmembers to understand what they expect from a presentation
  • My true passion for the topic that is very similar to my ‘presentation guru ‘ Garr Reynolds